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Please read the instructions very carefully!

IMPORTANT! The green dots show the places available, if there are no green dots, there are no available places for that day.

To see the tutorial video please click here!

When you make an appointment, mention these things in the description:
1) What kind of angelic therapy do you want? Medium (800MXN), Complete (1,400MXN) or annual (1,600MXN)
2) Do you want a therapy in person or do you want it through WhatsApp?
3) Is it your first time?

Please it is very important
 NOT to tell me anything about your life or the reason why you want to have a session! I must not know anything.

Also, I would like to ask everyone if they wish to cancel the therapy, please let me know at least 2 days in advance preferably by email ( or if it is not possible, then through WhatsApp. Thank you all.

PS.: Please click on the NEXT button to see the next month of the calendar.

Payment methods:
Therapy in person: cash

Therapy via whatsapp:
1) Vía paypal:
2) Bank transfer (For more information contact me via whatsapp.)

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